Keep Hope Alive
The Board of Directors and Supporters welcome you to this site where
hopes, plans, and dreams of our children are fostered and sustained by
the generosity of our donors! Our resolve is to offer each child an
opportunity to a meaningful education

A child running after a school bus will run tirelessly and may not be
able to catch it because his/ her parents/guardians cannot sponsor
his/her education. But we can assist the low income families and offer
their children access to quality and rewarding education.  
Now one should understand better the motif behind the statement
Generous donors enable the Foundation to make educational
opportunities available to deserving students.”
                                                                - Patrick Chinenye Okafor
Come! Take a tour of the site with us and be a part of our history, and
find a way of sustaining the dreams of the beneficiaries.  It is appropriate
then to consider that  
“One of the things I keep learning is that the secret of
being happy is doing things for other people”.
                                                                 - Dick Gregory

Keep Hope Alive Foundation